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Tiny Saturn Moon Good Candidate For Alien Life

I saw this and thought it interesting… life on Saturn’s Moon…totally possible..!

SAN FRANCISCO, California — Saturn’s tiny moon Enceladus may be one of the best candidates for extraterrestrial life in our solar system.

Scientists for the first time have gathered comprehensive evidence suggesting Enceladus may have all the necessary ingredients to harbor life in the ocean beneath its icy crust.



Are these things real?


Reptilian-Humanoid as reported
to the Reptoids Research Center.
Name: Reptilian-Humanoid
AKA: Snakepeople,
Grouping: InnerTerrestrial
First reported: (Claimed) Ancient city of Ur,
Last sighted: Present day
Country: Various
Habitat: Various
Status: Fictional

Icke & Rhodes

John Rhodes

John Rhodes was the first person to seriously investigate and publicly present claims of reptilian-humanoid sightings and/or contact [8]. He established the[9] Research Center in 1997 to collect, review and present evidence of reptoid activity. He has also appeared on television and radio shows being interviewed about his discoveries and the science supporting the theory of Reptoids.

Rhodes contends that the majority of the reptilian humanoids are descendants of the dinosaurs and are biological byproducts of Earth evolution. Rhodes cites the 1980s thought experiment of Dale Russell as an example of scientific projection that correlates his “Evolved Reptoid” theory. (see above). Rhodes also states that human attention has been intentionally misdirected away from the underworld toward deep space, so the subject of underground Earth dwelling Reptoids and lost ancient civilizations can remain secret.

Rhodes also adds that most accusations of politicians shape-shifting into reptilian humanoids are totally unfounded, and that such reports are simply projections of collective fear and blame for the world’s conditions.[citation needed] When questioned as to why Reptoids have become the proverbial “whipping boys” of modern ufology, he responds that it is because people tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to the image that western religious authorities have conditioned us to fear and distrust

David Icke

According to David Icke, reptilian humanoids are the force behind a worldwide conspiracy directed at manipulation and control of humanity. He contends that most of the world’s leaders, from Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and George W. Bush to members of the British Royal Family, are in fact related to the 7-foot (2.1 m) tall, blood-drinking, reptilians from the star system Alpha Draconis.

According to an interview with David Icke, Christine Fitzgerald claims that she was a confidante of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and that Diana told her that the Royal Family were reptilian aliens, and that they could shapeshift.[10]

Icke claims, based on his exploration of genealogical connections to European royalty, that many presidents of the United States have been and are reptilian humanoids. In his view, United States foreign policy after September 11 is the product of a reptilian conspiracy to enslave humanity, with George W. Bush as a servant of the reptilians.

He also theorizes that the reptilians came to Earth from the constellation Draco, as opposed to John Rhodes, of the Reptoids Research Center, who reports that the majority of reptilians appear to be of Earth origin and that they may have outposts in various planetary systems and/or dimensions.

Icke draws connections between the reptilian aliens in his theories and the Annunaki depicted in Zecharia Sitchin‘s 12th Planet,[11] which has led to other conspiracy theorists referring to reptilian humanoids as the “Annunaki”;[12] however, Sitchin himself has always described his Annunaki as purely humanoid

Betty Hill’s Interview

Betty and Barney spotted a UFO in 1961/2. They had close contact with the ship & the inhabitants.

Here is an interview with her: