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Betty Hill’s Interview

Betty and Barney spotted a UFO in 1961/2. They had close contact with the ship & the inhabitants.

Here is an interview with her:

Dulce, NM

Dulce, New Mexico is a SMALL town in Northern NM. It is said to be a high spot for government and Alien alliances and houses a secret underground base…what evidence is this based on?

I can not actually find any BUT:

This is what I have to offer:
I have been to Dulce, NM many times and there is a strange rotating multi-colored light in the center of town. Its like a air traffic light but the colors are red, green, blue, yellow, its weird.

The town is supposed to be a HOT SPOT for dark, aliens, the types that associate and work with the govt.

Reports of BigFoot are known in this area, as well as in Farmington(West of Dulce) and Shiprock(West of Dulce)