Comet C/2012 S1

The comet—designated as C/2012 S1—is a careening ball of rocky ice miles wide plummeting towards an already angry sun. No technology on Earth can stop it and the havoc it can bring to the solar system may strech the limits of Mankind’s imagination. Although passing far from Earth, it promises to be the most spectacular […]

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Causes-Effects Pole Shift

Well, science seems to be slowly agreeing on the fact that the earth’s magnetic north orientation has and is moving.. What will happen? What causes this? Causes and effects True polar wander can be caused by several mechanisms of redistributing mass and changing the moment of inertia tensor of the Earth: Glacial cycles: redistribution of […]

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Mayan 2012

The following is the list of the start dates for 13 Baktuns: Long Count Proleptic Gregorian Calendar Date August 11, 3114 BCE November 13, 2720 BCE February 16, 2325 BCE May 21, 1931 BCE August 23, 1537 BCE November 26, 1143 BCE February 28, 748 BCE June […]

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