RFID:Blocking It

1984, was and is this science fiction? Or are we coming into an Age were we must be monitored by BIG BROTHER?


Neodymium magnets will nullify chips.

RFID tags may be “killed” (i.e., turned off, permanently) or physically removed. One might also be able to reprogram them, e.g., change their original value to one that would be meaningless to the average observer.


http://www.amazon.com/Socket-RFID-Reader-Card-plug/dp/B000B0 HLEM

http://www.amazon.com/Compactflash-High-Frequency-13-56MHZ-R eader-scan/dp/B000B6Q0M0/ref=sr_1_6/002-9228405-0185665?ie=U TF8&qid=1175442679&sr=8-6

How to Build a Low-Cost, Extended-Range RFID


ARTICLE ON CHIP IMPLANTS: Conspiracyplanet.com

Pentagon Studies Human Microchip Implants | Danger Room from Wired.com

It’s only a $1.6 million study, but there’s something about human RFID implants that tends — quite understandably — to make people’s skin crawl.
blog.wired.com/defense/2007/08/washington-a-ne.html – 115k – CachedSimilar pages

Slashgeo | RFID Tattoo for Tracking Cattle and Humans

Slashdot discuss a story about California bloking RFID implants in workers. comes off the rules based software would detect it within split second.”

Hospitals tagging babies with electronic chips

Privacy advocates protest as half of Ohio birthing centers turn to tracking technology

Over half the birthing facilities in Ohio are being equipped with an RFID infant protection system placed on infants at birth to prevent them from being abducted from the hospital or from being given to the wrong mother.

“Standard protocol in the hospitals using the VeriChip system is that the baby receives an RFID anklet at birth and the mother receives a matching wristband,” VeriChip spokeswoman Allison Tomek told WND. “The mothers are not asked.”

VeriChip Corp., a publicly listed company headquartered in Delray Beach, Fla., is marketing though its wholly-owned subsidiary, Xmark, a HUGS brand tag-and-bracelet infant security system. The RFID tag is attached to an infant at birth by an ankle bracelet that is detected by monitors positioned throughout the hospital.

Critics charge the VeriChip system is an intrusive technology solution to a problem that is rare.

“The VeriChip infant security system is a technology looking for a solution,” said Katherine Albrecht, founder and director of CASPIAN, Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering.

4 thoughts on “RFID:Blocking It

  1. I found your website perfect for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great ideas. Whole article is too good and well written.

  2. This technology being used in the name if “safety and security” has gone way too far. I have been implanted with a DNA nanotech microchip against my will without my consent, for the purpose of being sex-trafficked and tortured with electromagnetic radiation. All privacy is totally gone. No one in their right mind would ever accept a microchip willingly, if they new how horrific their lives would become. Many victims are forced to suicide, where the criminals then collect on an illegally held life insurance policy on the implanted victims’ life. This has been my experience. It is like something out of a sci-fi horror movie, only it is a very sad reality. I am seeking removal of the chip, if it is at all possible. I am also looking to prosecute the perpetrators responsible, who are involved in drug running, and sex trafficking.

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