NM UFO Sightings

I’m throwing this list and information in because I live in the Area AND I have (as well as many others) seen much activity here..that NEVER gets reported.

Saterday Night, JUNE 7th, 2008: Times vary from 10:00pm – 1:00am: Lights seen over Town of Taos. Next day many people call into the radio station reporting having seen weird lights.

These lights were seen Thurs, June 5th, through Tues, June 10th. Will keep you posted if it continues

28 April 1993 03:00 – Chama Canyon, Taylor Ranch, Colorado , USA – Mutilation found 140 feet from ranch house. Cow had calf at 3:00 am, was dead by 5:00 am. Unusual yellow, jelly-like substance found on cow’s neck,dissolved after collected into container.

5 thoughts on “NM UFO Sightings

  1. I live in Santa Fe and for the past few months my husband and I have seen a “wobbling star” that moves rapidly up and down, sideways, goes in a circle and then repeats the same sequence. Has anyone besides us noticed it?

  2. Several people have also seen these things in the Taos area. It occurs randomly and has been seen by several people that I have spoken with.
    Seen from the Taos Canyon, the South of Taos(Ranchos) and from the West Mesa.
    There was also a report that several people saw something in the sky and were calling into the radio and TV stations. (were later told that it was a weather balloon – where have we heard that before? i.e. Arizona, S. NM)

  3. This message that im speaking about refers to 08/11/2008 and on 08/13/2008. On Agust 11th, it was after 3:00am , was out on the porch smoking a cigarette, while i was looking at the stars, and noticed 3 objects in the sky in triangular form. They were a not stars! I know that stars twinkle at night, and these objects were not twinkling! They had lights that were flickering and blinking, in a belt shaped form. colors were silver, a pale green , and red! None of these objects were airplanes! If they were airplanes, they would not be in the same position for over 15 min, from which i estimated. On Agust 13 after 10:00pm, saw the same object as well, same as first description, on the 11th, and would move in a cross shaped motion, up, down, then left to right at times. “Again” , i say, these are not airplanes!

    PS: And dont beleive they are
    Weather Balloons!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sorry, forgot to put the location in the article above^
    Santa Fe, NM
    Location Witnessed: Off Hwy 14 by the State Penitentary.

  5. we saw a strange object at about 30,000 feet about 9pm to 1030pm every night for 4 days in a row.. object travels at 2000mph to 3000mph covering one point of the horizon to the other in a matter of seconds!!cant be an airplane because they only travel at 600mph cruising speed and you can keep your eyes on them….this object almost looks like a star..object came down to an altitude of 13000 to 15000 feet and stopped with its bright light on.. then got into flight mode dimmed the lights and all of a sudden shot into the sky, only to show up 20 seconds later on the other side of home depot stopped mid air again at 12000 to 15000feet!! then shot off again to 30,000 to 40,000 feet at a crazy rate of speed!! just wondering if anyone else saw it beside us three that are employed at home depot night shift? email me back if you have seen anything thanks ef8crxb16@yahoo.com

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