Simple Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency..

Here are some simple, easy things you can do to raise your vibration, increase your peace of mind, and relieve stress…  🙂

Ways To Raise Your Vibration
Deep Breathing / Count breaths Be positive at all times / Concentrate on the positive aspects of life Surround yourself with, and send out, white light
Go to the beach or mountains and breathe deeply Be thankful for what you have; list your blessings Project white light or a pink cloud around troublesome persons or situations
Exercise: Brisk walking / Jogging / Aerobics Read uplifting or inspirational material / Read comical material Call in your spirit doctor/chief protector and chemist to clear your aura & surroundings
Dancing / Swimming / Bike riding Repeat Healing Prayer / Repeat affirmations
Send crown chakra energy out and up toward spirit guides
Cleaning house Listen to or play pleasant music / Enjoy art or objects of beauty Tune into guides on mental/thought level
Contact with water: Shower or bathe / Swimming / Wash clothes, dishes, the floor Enjoy nature: Walk through a garden or park / Smell flowers & listen to birds chirping Tune into higher spiritual levels and visualize life there
Singing Go to the beach or mountains / Absorb sunlight / Bask in moonlight Pray to God/Infinite Intelligence
Wear bright and cheerful colors Live in natural surroundings (Long term) Service to others. Help someone; cheer up someone
Stay in good health: Proper nutrition Laugh / Smile at yourself in a mirror / See a comical movie or play Give or send healing or loving thoughts to others
Sufficient sleep / Rest or relaxation
Do something creative Receive healing
  Play with children  
  Loving kissing; hugging  
  Rest / Go shopping for something you like  
  Take control of your life & plan future actively visualizing the most successful results  

Associate with positive, enlightened people and activities. Avoid negative people and situations when possible.
  Live a moderate and balanced life / Be sincere and honest

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