Correlation Between Solar Flares & Earthquakes

Recently, I was reading an research paper about the correlation between solar flares/bursts and earth’s seismic activity. Granted, this is not new technology and the article I was reading was 10 yrs old. However, it is interesting to think that the Sun affects us is the ways that it does. The average person is often out of the loop, when it comes to detection and awareness of seismic activity. It would seem that they’d be able to monitor solar flares and then, has some kind of observation/alert system in place for volatile areas. They could do this, but would they?


Here’s the abstract of the research:

Abstract. A correlation is attempted with the occurrence of global earthquake and earth directed coronal mass ejections and
change in magnetic field of earth-sun environment. On 24th January 2001 an earth directed coronal mass was ejected which
took two days to reach the earth surface and a major earthquake of magnitude 7.9 occurred in Gujarat, west coast of India. In
entire world, a total of 65 earthquakes have been reported on the same day . Earth directed coronal mass ejection produced a
suspected invisible tail of electrified gas. The tail which streams from earth towards Sun was spotted by IMAGE spacecraft.
Explosive events on the Sun can charge the magnetosphere with energy, generating magnetic storms that occasionally may
affect the active faults in igneous geosphere to trigger the shallow focus earthquake. This correlation is observed in case
of many more earthquakes in entire world. Besides these it has been observed that there is an increased occurrence of
earthquakes globally in this period of solar maximum. Sunspots are continuously increasing in 2001 and there are increased
chances of earthquake during this period. Earthquake prone active fault areas of whole world may be monitored by high-
resolution satellite data. In hundreds of cases it has been observed that earth directed coronal mass ejection be followed by
change in Sun-Earth magnetic field leads to remarkable changes in Earth environment. If the Coronal mass ejection (CME)
is earth directed, it may produce earthquakes if active fault zones are falling in that latitude. It is possible to forecast the
possibility of triggering of earthquake by looking into the location of active sunspot before it harbors energy towards earth.
Whatever be the manifestations in the environment of the atmosphere or geosphere there is a positive correlation of CME with
change in magnetic field followed by aurora borealis or sudden spark of light from sky before earthquake. It is recommended
that all the coronal mass ejections should be watched carefully.


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