We are Fucked

the way things are in our society I only have one true view point.. we perpetuate our predicament.

I can think of dozens of ways we do this as Americans. We have, over the last 50+ years, set extremely high standards for ourselves. These standards are superficial and materialistic. While I know this is nothing new to anyone, there still remains this nagging reminder daily.

When I walk into the grocery store and see mini water bottles – I become enraged. Why doesn’t this bother everyone? The packaging for 4.5oz of water is insane. The very idea of it sickens me to no end. Are these designed for kids? Well, my great friends, no one  should not be drinking from plastic especially children.
Daily, I think about the standards we have locked ourselves into. . .
This American Dream.
This Iconic Disaster.
I am not unAmerican. I am unCorporation. I am unMateralistic.

We, the 98% of Americans that struggle and fight for this ‘idea’ are the ones that need to wake the fuck up and realise it is an illusion.

We do not need all the things we think we need.
If we could only own 5 pairs of black pants instead of 12…oh! the wonders we could achieve…
And while, this idea drowns us today..perhaps tomorrow we will have found a raft.

Maybe, someday in the distantly near future we will grasp onto the true essence of life and living and disavow the lies we live now.

This was all spurred on by a recent visit to a chain clothing store, where  I saw people swimming in their own dellusions. Where people moved their mouths and sounds came out- but no true words were found. Where makeup ran amuck and fake jewelry shone in the artificial light.. where dreams of
‘more’ were found in every eye..
I was sick.
I am sick
We are all sick.

Hey, thanks for reading.

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