Dallas JKF Conspiracies

Dallas News is Crowdsourcing JFK conspiracy theories!

22 November, 1963 – John F Kennedy, one of the most inspirational, hope-bringing figures ever to grace American politics, was assassinated during a motorcade through Dallas. The official story charges Lee Harvey Oswald of the murder (though he too was killed, before being brought to trial). That has never satisfied many conspiracy theorists, who have brought many alternative explanations of the events that day, across a whole spectrum of crazy.

45 years on, the Dallas News is releasing a cartload of documents relating to the affair, and asking THE PUBLIC to go through them and piece together possible ’stories’ (read: new conspiracy theories). Now, that amazingly clever – there are probably ’special’ individuals out there with a much bigger passion for this stuff than the DN’s own staff, who are better reporting on current events or poorly covered stories – but the output of these ’special’ individuals is bound to be rather readable, almost compulsive, and bound to prompt quite a lot of taxi pool chatter. Translating into more content and more buzz around the DN. Win-win! Well done them for thinking outside the box, at such a tricky time in the history of the printed press.

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One thought on “Dallas JKF Conspiracies

  1. Discovery: ROSEMARY WILLIS’s Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, & Directly Towards the “Grassy Knoll”

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    T ogether
    E veryone
    A chieves
    M ore

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