Medicine, Drugs, & Politics

The Sick and Crazy Science Tobacco Companies Pursue to Get You Hooked

Scott Thill, AlterNet. April 26, 2008.
Injecting nitric oxide into the penises of sedated cats is just one of the newly discovered bizarre studies conducted by the tobacco industry.

New Mexico’s Medical Marijuana Law Is Working, But Still Has Some Kinks

Phillip S. Smith, Drug War Chronicle. May 26, 2008.
Issues remain over production and distribution.

Sex and Drugs — Are You Interested?

AlterNet. June 7, 2008.
Want to know why enforcement of pot laws is finally easing up, and learn about the war on our sexual freedoms?

It’s Time To Get Rid of the Good-People-vs.-Bad-People View of Drug Use

Maggie Mahar, Niko Karvounis, Health Beat. June 25, 2008.
When discussing treatments for drug addiction, instead of arguing about ideology, let’s look at science

The World Health Organization Documents Failure of U.S. Drug Policies

Bruce Mirken, AlterNet. July 2, 2008.
WHO survey of 17 countries finds that we have the highest rates of marijuana and cocaine use.

Don’t Let Old Stigmas Prevent Medical Research on Hallucinogens

The Baltimore Sun. July 8, 2008.
Scientists should be encouraged to pursue legitimate study of halucinogens — lest we miss out on a valuable medicinal tool.

Paul Armentano, AlterNet. July 5, 2008.
While the the American Medical Association claims pot has no medical value, Big Pharma is busy getting patents for marijuana products.

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