Science & Health: Keys to Infections- and more

Newcomer In Early Eurafrican Population?

July 2, 2008 — A complete mandible of Homo erectus was discovered at the Thomas I quarry in Casablanca by a French-Moroccan team. This mandible is the oldest human fossil uncovered from scientific excavations in … > full story

Resuscitation Technique After Brain Injury May Do More Harm Than Good

July 2, 2008 — The current standard practice of giving infants and children 100 percent oxygen to prevent brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation may actually inflict additional harm, researchers have … > full story

Glomalin Is Key To Locking Up Soil Carbon

July 2, 2008 — Glomalin, the substance coating this microscopic fungus growing on a corn root, can keep carbon in the soil from decomposing for up to 100 … > full story

Finding That Could Shed Light On ‘Golden Staph,’ Candida And Allergies

July 2, 2008 — Recent scientific findings explain why patients with a rare immunodeficiency disorder are unusually susceptible to certain common infections. By revealing the exact molecular mechanisms involved, … > full story

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