Current News: SAT July 19th

Texas OKs standards for elective Bible classes AP – Fri Jul 18, 6:15 PM ETAUSTIN, Texas – The Texas State Board of Education gave final approval Friday to establishing Bible classes in public high schools, rejecting calls to draw specific teaching guidelines and warnings that it could lead to constitutional problems in the classroom. Many […]

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China arrests quake critic on secrets charge

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese police arrested a human rights campaigner in the country’s southwest for “possession of state secrets” after he offered help to parents of children killed in the region’s massive earthquake, his family said. ADVERTISEMENT function pr_swfver(){var osf,osfd,i,axo=1,v=0,nv=navigator;if(nv.plugins&&nv.mimeTypes.length){osf=nv.plugins[“Shockwave Flash”];if(osf&&osf.description){osfd=osf.description;v=parseInt(osfd.substring(osfd.indexOf(“.”)-2))}}else{try{for(i=5;axo!=null;i++){axo=new ActiveXObject(“ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.”+i);v=i}}catch(e){}}return v;}var pr_redir=”*$CTURL$&#8221;;var pr_nua=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();var pr_s=””+pr_swfver()+”&redir=”+pr_redir+”&r=”+Math.random();document.write(“<ifr”+”ame src=’http://”+pr_s+”&#8216; width=’300′ height=’250’ frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 scrolling=NO></ifr”+”ame>”);<a HREF=”*″><img border=”0″ […]

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Ayahuasca is a research project devoted to the botany, ethnography, mythology, arts, music, therapeutic mechanisms, and phenomenology of the Amazonian Spirit Vine Ayahuasca (aya-soul/dead, wasca-vine/rope); the jungle vine Banisteriopsis Caapi, and the medicinal tea prepared from it. The Banisteriopsis vine is a Malpighiaceous jungle liana found in the tropical regions of South America. The vine […]

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Psychedelic properties DMT occurs naturally in many species of plants often in conjunction with its close chemical relatives 5-MeO-DMT and bufotenin (5-OH-DMT).[3] DMT-containing plants are commonly used in several South American shamanic practices. It is usually one of the main active constituents of the drink ayahuasca, however ayahuasca is sometimes brewed without plants that produce […]

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Are you kidding me?

There is NOTHING WORSE than ‘the terminator’ being in charge of our environment & energy dept. WHO thought up this? What crazy person decided to make this suggestion????  I’m afraid, very afraid. Schwarzenegger Weighs Post Under Obama By ANAHAD O’CONNOR Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California suggested Sunday that he would be willing to serve as […]

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