What is NASCO?

What is NASCO?

NASCO is a tri-national, non-profit, trade and transportation coalition working to make international and domestic trade more efficient and secure along the existing network of transportation systems (including highways, rail, inland ports and deep-water ports) running north-south through the central U.S., Canada and Mexico.

A non-profit incorporated group, NASCO was initially founded in 1994 as the I-35 Corridor Coalition and incorporated as NASCO in 1996. It is overseen by a Board of Directors representing its dues-paying members from the public and private sector.

From almost immediately after the Jan. 1, 1994 entry into effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), NASCO has sought and backed Corridor-related initiatives to enhance border security, cargo safety and operational efficiency of existing transportation infrastructure. NAFTA’s reduction of import tariffs and trade barriers in North America powerfully stimulated trade that strengthened the economies of its partner nations and greatly increased cargo freight movement within the NASCO Corridor.

WHO are the members of NASCO?

NASCO’s dues-paying membership includes public and private sector entities along the Corridor in Canada, the United States and Mexico. From the largest border crossing in North America (The Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada) and Manitoba, Canada, to the second largest border crossing of Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, and South to the Mexican Ports of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas, the impressive, tri-national NASCO membership truly reflects the international scope of the Corridor and the regions it impacts.

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