Forced Vaccines: Why do doctors not do it, but force us to?

Forced Vaccination-
Baby M
by Michael Manley

Are you aware that 30 percent of doctors in the U.S. do not vaccinate their children and that number is as high as 60 percent in other countries around the world? Are you aware that some countries do not even allow children to be vaccinated until they are at least two years old because of their immature immune systems? Are you aware that most vaccinations contain thimerosal, which is so dangerous that if the same amount of thimerosal the average child receives before age two (directly into his bloodstream) were to be dropped into twenty-three gallons of water, that it would be considered unsafe for human consumption according to the EPA? And are you aware that the Hepatitis B vaccine causes genetic changes? Were you ever told that some vaccines contain tissue from aborted fetuses?

Let me ask you a very personal question. Do you have the right to raise your own children, or does a doctor or judge have the right to decide what is best for your child? What is the true story about vaccinations? That is something you will have to conclude for yourself. Now let me tell you my story.

I thought I was living in a free country until the evening of April 3, 2003 when my child was given a harmful vaccination against the wishes of my wife and me in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. Inaccurate screening test results on my wife led the neonatologist to believe that my wife had hepatitis B. As he believed there was a high risk of transmission to our child during birth, he urged us to allow him to inoculate our newborn with the hepatitis B vaccine. Knowing the dangers vaccinations pose, especially to newborns with immature immune systems, we repeatedly refused to authorize the doctor to administer the vaccine. We stood firm on the grounds that we could not in good conscience abdicate our God given role to protect our child from medical treatment known to be harmful and dangerous. After threats by hospital social worker Joni Vohs that we could lose custody of our child if we did not comply, we found ourselves in an after-hours mock hearing at St. Mary’s Hospital, denied the right to procure any sort of competent defense.

Just the day before, my wife had given birth to our first child. We were allowed fifteen minutes notice of the hearing about to take place at the hospital. The judge and lawyers were already present at the hospital before we were notified. District Court Judge Charles Buss repeatedly denied our plea to postpone the hearing until the next day to allow us time to present specific evidence to support our position.


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