NAFTA Timeline North American Agreement US-Canda relation warming up Canada-US free trade agreement Mexico-US relation warming up North American free trade agreement Paralle agreements Mexican peso crisis Chile and NAFTA North American agenda Post 9/11 agenda The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Era Washington proposes a “North American Agreement” November 13, 1979 While officially declaring […]


What is NASCO? Pt. II

What is NASCO’s purpose/mission? Answer: NASCO’s purpose is to boost economic activity while supporting needed infrastructure improvements, technological/security innovations and environmental initiatives along the Corridor. In doing so, NASCO’s efforts have and will continue to create job opportunities and enhance the well being of workers, residents and consumers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. What […]

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What is NASCO?

What is NASCO? Answer: NASCO is a tri-national, non-profit, trade and transportation coalition working to make international and domestic trade more efficient and secure along the existing network of transportation systems (including highways, rail, inland ports and deep-water ports) running north-south through the central U.S., Canada and Mexico. A non-profit incorporated group, NASCO was initially […]

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FINA NAFI : Linking Mexico, US, & Canada in a Blissful Marriage…

The north americain trade corridors (Click a region) Following the implementation of NAFTA, coalitions of interest have been formed in order to promote specific transport channels, to develop the infrastructures of these channels and to propose jurisdictional amendments to facilitate the crossing of borders. These coalitions include businesses, government agencies, civil organizations, metropolitan areas, rural […]

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President Bush Meets With Mexican Prez & PM of Canada

President Meets with President Fox and Prime Minister Martin Bill Daniels Activity Center Baylor University Waco, Texas <!– document.write(lt+”a href=\”#\” onClick=\”javascript:popup(‘/news/releases/2005/03/20050323-5.v.html’,’360′,’330′)\” “+gt+”Video (Real)”+lt+”/a”+gt+””); //–> Video (Real) <a href=”/news/releases/2005/03/20050323-5.v.html”>Video (Real)</a> 11:22 P.M. CST PRESIDENT BUSH: Good morning. It’s my honor to welcome two friends to Baylor University. First, I want to thank the Baylor University family […]

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Joining U.S., Canada, & Mexico

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThursday, November 1, 2007 Contact: HHS Press Office(202) 690-6343 United States, Canada and Mexico Agree to Mutual Assistance The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Ministry of Health of the United Mexican States today agreed to strengthen cross-border coordination and cooperation […]

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FEMA: Disaster Maps

Disaster Maps Find maps of federally declared disaster counties, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping products and more. Declarations map 2000 – 2007 (PDF 3.1MB, TXT 1KB) Declarations map 1964 – 2007 (PDF 3.2MB, TXT 1KB) Current Year Archives

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