Aryan bloodline is alien to this planet and that they were originally a race fleeing from the Reptilians. They arrived here on Earth  and started interbreeding with peoples of earth. These people  were of TALL STATUTE with red and blonde hair with blue eyes…

Then, the Reptilian species – who have according to Giza plain mathematics have come from the Serpens star cluster [serpens caput and serpens cauda both of 7 stars] arrived  and -as record would have it – infiltrated the Human race and its social structure and began the hybridization experimentation. One of which was the foundation of the Merovingian Dynasty.

There are 13 bloodlines from this kind of stock, and all of them have to a greater or lesser degree the capacity to play host to the Shape Changer Reptiles. The known shape shifting in human mythology goes back to North Africa, Tibet, Maya, Rome and even here in North America, through the Native American Indians.

The prime mission of the Reptilian Race is to bring their ancestor out of the abyss of which they cannot escape. They seek to open a gate or portal to enable them to do so. And they perfer the  blood of the sacrificed Aryan  to accomplish this.

Because the Reptiles allegedly cannot call up their lost mates from the abyss, they need the magical/spiritual properties of the aryans to do the ceremony for the

They turn up – after ritual has been rigourously followed, and give their special team of shape changers in this dimension encouragement to carry on looking for the way to go with the escape of the ‘demons’ from their abyss.

Various MK-slaves are there, some get eaten some get ‘orgied’ – flesh and blood is devoured especially that of the sacrifice – a female whose combination of blood; preferred menstrual [thats why satanic/druidic ritual goes with the full moon] –

and with the secretion from the pineal gland stimulated by intense fear, the sacrifice drives the Reptiles wild with carnage.  This should not shock you ..if you take into account our ancestors have been deplicting this image for years through mythology and pictograms.  Below is a Mayan pictogram.

The pineal gland or third eye in human terms is an alien piece of biochemistry in the human race – as any biochemistry text book will tell of its reptilian biochemistry – so it leads us to wonder whether or not the Aryan Race was a phase 2 hybrid created by the Shape Changing reptiles so that they could colonise this sector of the ‘3’ dimensional cosmos.

Reptiles could do with a pineal gland – because they want its mystical powers, but it looks like they have been unable to integrate this organ into their own being – as it gives access to dimensions of incredible energy and spiritual purity that would be a bit off-putting to a species hell bent on slaughter. The Reptiles are trying to bring through the ‘Old Ones’ in fact as characterised by HP Lovecraft in ‘the Dunwich Horror’.

They have a hypnotic gaze which fixes the victim – in a trance of terror – which promotes secretion of the pineal gland – at that point, they cannot hold human form any longer and shape shift in anticipation of supper. They have a pecking order at bloodfest ceremonies, and seem to need more and more blood these days as the planetary food supply is deteriorating in quality.

They have therefore capitalised on every Druidic and Magical date to try to get as much use out of the effect of the lunar cycle on female menstrual blood


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